Rebecca Krueger Art

"I believe that all life on Earth has a direct connection to the Cosmos, divine creation, God, whatever you prefer to call it. All life on earth has a shared genetic code. Much of my artwork is an exploration of this fragile relationship."

Rebecca Krueger has a BA in Art from Minnesota State University Moorhead and a Masters in Art Education from the University of Minnesota. She primarily works in various drawing and painting mediums but tends to focus on her love for acrylic painting on plywood. Themes of her artwork often revolve around her search for, or awareness of, a connection to the Cosmos. She has spent the last decade of her life working and volunteering in various arenas of art education and developing her own voice as a visual artist. As an artist and educator she finds the aesthetic language of art expressive and vital to the enhancement of an education and community. As Rebecca continues to grow in her career as an artist and educator, she strives to find ways to incorporate her artwork within her community and to enhance public relations though engagement in the arts.